The Last Tour of Archie Forbes

Victoria Hendry

Victoria Hendry’s absorbing first novel, A Capital Union, explored Scottish nationalism during World War II. Published to considerable critical acclaim, it was shortlisted for the prestigious Historical Writers’ Association Debut Crown in 2014. Her second novel, The Last Tour of Archie Forbes, was partly inspired by Victoria’s voluntary work and the idea that society too often fails to really help those who are in need. Victoria lives in Edinburgh and has an MSc in Creative Writing from the city’s university.

The Last Tour of Archie Forbes

by Victoria Hendry

  • RRP: £8.99 (print) / £4.99 (ebook)
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781910192085
  • Ebook ISBN: 9781910192092



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Since returning from active service in Afghanistan, Archie has been watching his life collapse. Suffering from severe PTSD, he sees his family being torn apart, his high-flying career hitting the rocks. Now he’s on the streets, struggling to cope in a world that appears not to care about – notice, even – ‘people like him’. He’s dislocated, unravelling, and in desperate need of the basic necessities: food, shelter, human kindness. Nevertheless, he works hard to try to rebuild his life, until his therapist goes missing and it seems that he’s the prime suspect.
The Last Tour of Archie Forbes offers an utterly convincing – often frightening, sometimes bleakly funny – take on contemporary life. A dazzling portrayal of a deeply troubled family in Austerity Britain, this novel takes us to the very margins of society, a place where compassion is in short supply.

Prizes and awards

A Capital Union was shortlisted for the Historical Writers Association Debut Crown Award 2014The Herald’s Paperback of the Week.

REVIEWS OF The Last Tour of Archie Forbes

"Riveting…. Her compassionate understanding for PTSD marks her out not just as an exceptional writer but also as a sympathetic observer of the human condition.’" - Trevor Royle, former Trustee of Combat Stress

“'One of the most engaging, powerful, original, heart-breaking books I’'ve ever read.'” - Manda Scott

'“Victoria Hendry brings us a novel for our time in which a yawning austerity culture threatens to swallow up even the brave. From front line to food bank, Archie Forbes leads us on a journey through the reality of Bedroom-tax Britain.'” - Dr Robin Hill, former editor of Life and Work magazine

'There's nothing quite as thrilling as discovering a new author worth recommending to others - and Victoria Hendry is definitely worth recommending. Her depiction of PTSD avoids the cliches and embraces not only the complexity of the post-war experience, but also the absurdity of it all. Though the subject matter is dark, don't be afraid to laugh as well as cry.' - Rodge Glass, author of Dougie’'s War

'This is empathy of outstanding quality. Taking us inside Archie's war-ravaged mind, Victoria Hendry, with fine and often acerbic scrutiny, shows how our society responds to the traumatised service personnel of our overseas conflicts.' - Margaret Elphinstone