Fuel your Brontë-mania after the new Emily Brontë film

Posted on February 9, 2023

The latest Brontë biopic, Emilydirected by Frances O’Connor and starring Sex Education star Emma Mackey, hits theatres in America this month. The film is an interpretation of the life of Emily Brontë while she wrote Wuthering Heights. It features an inaccurate, but steamy romance between Emily and William Weightman, and with the gorgeous filmography it captures the moodiness of the Yorkshire Moors perfectly.

Emma Mackey as Emily Brontë

The opening scene depicts Emily on her deathbed, or death couch, as her sister Charlotte wants to know how Emily had the imagination or the material to write Wuthering Heights. The couch that was used in the film is an exact replica of one from the Haworth Parsonage that belonged to the Brontë family. It can still be seen at the parsonage today.

A postcard featuring the real couch from the Brontë parsonageClaire O'Callaghan with the replica of the Brontë's couch

The couch that was used in the film was loaned to the cinema for the local premiere of the film, at Hebden Bridge Picture House. Emily Brontë Reappraised author and Brontë scholar Claire O’Callaghan delivered her talk about the Brontës and the film while sitting on the couch before the screening.

The Brontë sisters

Image: National Portrait Gallery, London

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