Emily Brontë Reappraised

Claire O’Callaghan

Dr Claire O’Callaghan is the author of Emily Brontë Reappraised and a lecturer in English in the School of Arts, English and Drama at Loughborough University, where her research focuses on Victorian and neo-Victorian literature and culture, with an emphasis on gender, sexuality and queerness. She has published widely on these topics.

Emily Brontë Reappraised

A view from the twenty-first century

by Claire O’Callaghan

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  • ISBN: 9781912235056
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Emily Brontë’s incomparable Wuthering Heights is, for many of us, one of our most cherished novels, with the character of Heathcliff being the ultimate romantic hero – and villain. It is a work that has bewitched us for almost 200 years. But Emily herself remains an enigmatic figure, often painted unfairly in a negative light, portrayed as awkward, as a misanthrope, as “no normal being”. That’s the conventional wisdom on Emily Brontë as a person, but is it accurate, is it fair? So Emily Brontë Reappraised conjures a new image of the great writer by looking at her afresh from the vantage point of the new millennium. It’s a biography with a twist, taking in the themes of her life and work – her feminism, her passion for the natural world – as well as the art she has inspired, and even the “fake news” stories about her. What we discover is that she was, in fact, a thoroughly modern woman. And now, in the 21st century, it’s time for the real Emily Brontë to please stand up.

REVIEWS OF Emily Brontë Reappraised

"Thoughtful...an informally written, no-nonsense reappraisal...much more readable than most jargon-riggen academic articles." Jacqueline Banerjee, Times Literary Supplement

“O’Callaghan clearly knows her stuff… An original, valuable contribution that goes a long way to rehabilitating the image of one of the most influential female figures in English literature.” Katherine Clements, Northern Soul

“A fascinating read.” Hephzibah Anderson, Mail on Sunday