Charlotte Brontë Revisited

Sophie Franklin

Sophie Franklin is forging a successful academic career studying the lives of the Brontë sisters and their literary works. She has worked in an editorial capacity for a small publishing house and in bookselling, and is currently at the University of Durham, working towards a PhD on aspects of Charlotte Brontë’s writing. This is Sophie’s first book.

Charlotte Brontë Revisited

A View from the Twenty-first Century

by Sophie Franklin

  • RRP: £9.99 (print) / £3.99 (ebook)
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781912235247
  • Ebook ISBN: 9781910192399

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Everybody knows Charlotte Brontë. World-famous for her novel Jane Eyre, she’s a giant of literature and has been written about in reverential tones in scores of textbooks over the years. But what do we really know about Charlotte?

Charlotte Brontë Revisited looks at Charlotte through 21st-century eyes. Discover her private world of convention, rebellion and imagination, and how they shaped her life, writing and obsessions – including the paranormal, nature, feminism and politics. It’s a celebration of all things Charlotte, and emphatically shows why she’s as relevant today as she ever was.

REVIEWS OF Charlotte Brontë Revisited

"Interweaves biography and reference to scholarly material with [Franklin's] own take on pertinent aspects of Charlotte's oeuvre ... [Her] witty tone makes the calibration of these two things - the pleasure of the literary enthusiastic and the scholarly - both easy and enjoyable. Franklin deftly mixes contemporary humour with reflectivity ... superbly written, exuberant." Brontë Studies Journal