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The Nature of Summer

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  • Publication date: May 7, 2020


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In the endless light of summer days, and the magical gloaming of the wee small hours, nature in Jim’s beloved Highlands, Perthshire and Trossachs heartlands is burgeoning freely, as though there is one long midsummer’s eve, nothing reserved.

For our flora and fauna, for the very land itself, this is the time of extravagant growth, flowering and the promise of fruit and the harvest to come. But despite the abundance, as Jim Crumley attests, summer in the Northlands is no Wordsworthian idyll. Climate chaos and its attendant unpredictable weather brings high drama to the lives of the animals and birds he observes.

There is also a wild, elemental beauty to the land, mountains, lochs, coasts and skies, a sense of nature at its very apex during this, the most beautiful and lush of seasons. Jim chronicles it all: the wonder, the tumult, the spectacle of summer.

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The Nature of Summer

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Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley is an ardent advocate for Britain’s landscape and animals, as well as the reintroduction of species such as sea eagles, beavers and wolves. He is a nature writer, journalist and poet with some 30 books to his name. The Nature of Autumn was a finalist for two prestigious literary prizes, and The Nature of Winter was hugely popular with critics and the public. Jim’s 2014 book, The Eagle’s Way, was shortlisted for a Saltire Society award, and his Encounters in the Wild series of beautiful gift books – which sees Jim get up close and personal with Britain’s favourite animals – has found him many new readers.


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“There are books that transport us and Jim Crumley’s ode to spring takes us there on the wings of a sea eagle … Exquisitely observed … uplifting and disquieting … Crumley’s masterful words take you into the canvas of nature as into the work of a grand master … The joy, the passion, the complete understanding Jim has for his world is a portal. The world on our doorstep.” Scottish Book of the Week, The Courier

“Nature writer and poet Jim Crumley returns with a third volume of close observations [and] charts the arrival of spring, from the February song of a mistle thrush to May’s drowsy warmth. Crumley quotes Margiad Evans – ‘Write in the very now where you find yourself’ – and takes her advice to heart.” New Statesman