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The Hidden Life of Ancient Egypt

Decoding the Secrets of a Lost World


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Ancient Egypt: land of pharaohs, mummies, and mystery. In her latest book, Clare Gibson seeks to uncover the hidden meanings in Egyptian art and to discover the story of the people who created this magnificent civilisation. Through a detailed interpretation of the beautiful Egyptian art, Gibson discovers the forgotten hopes and dreams, magic and religion of a lost empire. Wall-paintings and illustrations, jewelry and golden burial goods – these are not just beautiful objects, but also hold the secrets to understanding the Egyptians’ life. Gibson combines threads of history, religion, and symbology to breathe new life in a lost empire.
The full-colour illustrations, many in full- or double-page spread, allow the reader to fully appreciate the beauty of the artworks, while the many detail images highlight significant symbols. The book is enhanced by a brief introduction to the mysterious hieroglyphs.

REVIEWS OF The Hidden Life of Ancient Egypt

"Clear, concise and lavish." - Egyptology UK

"Compelling... lively, clear and persuasive. Breathtaking grace and splendour" - The Scotsman

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The Hidden Life of Ancient Egypt

About the author

Clare Gibson

Clare Gibson is the author of two previous titles in this series (The Hidden Life of Art and The Hidden Life of Renaissance Art) as well as numerous works on history, symbolism, fine art and ancient history, including Symbols of the Goddess.