Symbols of the Goddess

Clare Gibson

Clare Gibson is a writer and historian specialising in art history and how to interpret symbols, especially in art, antiquities and architectural details.

Her previous works include The Hidden Life of Ancient Egypt (2009), The Hidden Life of Renaissance Art (2007), The Hidden Life of Art (2006), Symbols of the Goddess: Universal Signs of the Divine Female (1997, 2005), Sacred Symbols: A Guide to the Timeless Icons of Faith and Worship (1997), and Signs and Symbols: A Guide to their Meaning and Origins (1996), all previously published by Saraband.

Educated in Germany and England, she studied modern and medieval history and worked as an editor before focusing on symbolism and her writing career. She is also well known for her Twitter feed as @MrsSymbols and her popular blog, Seeing Symbols.

Symbols of the Goddess

Universal Signs of the Divine Female

by Clare Gibson

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  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781887354202


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The Goddess—the first manifestation of humanity’s need to personify its sense of the sacred in a supreme being—had Her origins in prehistory. Early societies venerated Her as the source of all creation, and the unconscious yearning for Her continues today through sacred images ranging from the Virgin Mary to the icons of animistic societies around the world. Goddess Symbols celebrates this powerful archetype and promotes a greater awareness of self, sexuality and human society.