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In the encounters in the wild series, renowned nature writer Jim Crumley gets up close and personal with British wildlife: here, the barn owl. With his inimitable passion and vision, he relives memorable encounters with some of our best-loved native species, offering intimate insights into their extraordinary lives. “The barn owl is an ambassador for life on the edge. It is the night owl that also hunts fearlessly by day; the silent flier with a sudden shriek that can shatter glass; the restless sentry of the outside edge of the woods with one ear attuned to the grassy banks and the other to the first and last tree shadows; the stone-still embellishment on a country kirkyard gravestone beyond the edge of the village, looking in moonlight like nothing so much as the sculptor’s final inspired flourish.”


'An utter delight, and I cried more than once for the sheer beauty of the writing and descriptions of watching wildlife.' -” Jennifer Tetlow Read more

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About the author

Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley is a nature writer, journalist and poet with over 25 books to his name, mostly on the landscape and wildlife of Scotland. As a highly knowledgable and inspiring wildlife expert, he is in high demand as a contributor for TV and radio, as well as publications such as the Scotsman and BBC Wildlife.

Praise for Jim Crumley: “The most gifted writer where nature writing and mountain writing meet” – Jim Perrin for The Great Outdoors. “The best nature writer working in Britain today.” – The Los Angeles Times. “Enthralling and often strident.” – The Observer. “Tinglingly readable … Crumley’s distinctive voice carries you with him on his dawn forays and sunset vigils.”?– Sir John Lister-Kaye, The Herald. “Nature writing with passion, honesty, even poetry”?– Scottish Review of Books. “Virtuoso writing” – BBC Countryfile.