WATCH: Earth Day Showcase

On Earth Day Saraband hosted showcase of readings and discussions to drive meaningful action to protect the environment, promote conservation and tackle the climate crisis. Saraband has the pleasure of publishing many authors whose work does just that and we want to share their wisdom with as many people as possible. We showcased readings from authors you know well alongside some you may not have discovered yet – including two exclusive readings from forthcoming titles. Each has a unique and valuable perspective to share with you and hopefully you’ll be inspired to dive into more of their work once you’ve heard them speak. The day will end with our headline author, Saskia Goldschmidt, whose compelling novel Shocked Earth (out 13 May) explores the physical and emotional damage caused to the land and its people by industrial gas extraction and how industry and farming can and must change before their effects become irreversible.


 Nature writer Jim Crumley (The Nature of Summer) | Environmentalist and writer Mandy Haggith (Bear Witness)

Academic David Howe (Extraction to Extinction, Oct 2021) | Artist Amanda Thomson (A Scots Dictionary of Nature).

Award-winning nature writer Karen Lloyd (The Blackbird Diaries) | conservationist Roy Dennis (Cottongrass Summer)

Journalist and author Jill Hopper (The Mahogany Pod)

Nature writer and broadcaster Stephen Moss (Skylarks with Rosie) | Author Anna Levin (Incandescent)

Acclaimed Dutch author Saskia Goldschmidt, discussing her forthcoming novel, Shocked Earth.

The novel was inspired by the author’s experience of living in a rural part of Groningen province, in the Netherlands, which was plagued by earthquakes in the 2010s following extraction from the huge gas field beneath. The quakes caused – and are still causing – widespread damage to land, drainage dykes and the historic built heritage, with disastrous lasting effects.