The Mahogany Pod

Jill Hopper

Jill Hopper has a background in newspaper journalism and magazine editing. A member of writers’ collective 26 Characters, she lives in London with her husband and son. The Mahogany Pod is her first book.

The Mahogany Pod

a memoir of endings and beginnings

by Jill Hopper

  • RRP: £14.99 (print)
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781912235933

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“A work of literature: beautifully written, meticulously structured and heart-rending.” Observer

What if you knew from the beginning how your relationship was going to end?

When Jill Hopper first met Arif, they were living in a shared house on the island of Osney in the River Thames. Surrounded by willow trees, birds and reflections, it was an idyllic home. But no sooner had they begun to fall in love than Arif was given the news that he had only a few months to live. Everyone told Jill to walk away, but she was already in too deep. Years later, Jill rediscovers Arif ’s parting gift – an African seedpod – and finally sets out to trace the elusive patterns that shaped their relationship. The Mahogany Pod is a tender and vital account of what it means to live, and love, fully.

REVIEWS OF The Mahogany Pod

‘What I love about this affecting and beautifully written memoir is how it examines the long tail of grief, and how bereavement can last a lifetime, even when in the eyes of the world, you have “moved on”.’ The Bookseller, Editor’s Choice

“Seeds from which love bloomed … holding them now, she feels them glow with promise.” Helen Brown, Daily Mail

"Touching and unexpectedly timely…an uplifting story of embracing love no matter how dark the circumstances." Dan Townend, Daily Express

“Gorgeous … her narrative packs a world of feeling within it, rendering a poignant look at how love can unfold even amid immense loss.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A work of literature: beautifully written, meticulously structured and heart-rending.” Kate Kellaway, Observer

“Affecting and beautifully written.” – The Bookseller, Editor’s Choice

"A searingly beautiful memoir of love and loss, grief and joy. Jill captures the seeds of the ending contained within every beginning and the beginnings contained within each end." – Wyl Menmuir, Booker Prize-nominated author of The Many

“The Mahogany Pod is a beautiful exploration of love, loss and the grieving process. It is a compassionate, heartbreaking, and uplifting description of love. Spellbinding.” – Catherine Simpson, author of When I Had a Little Sister

“A deeply moving and compelling read … a powerful tribute to human resilience.” – Frances Hedges, Deputy Editor Harper’s Bazaar

“A rich and tender book… a testament to the power and beauty of love.” – Horatio Clare