Families can be murder…

Posted on August 22, 2016

Russel D McLean’s new thriller And When I Die features an undercover cop in too deep, a daughter trying to escape her gangster past, and a psycho intent on killing his own father.

And When I Die is a chillingly plausible action-packed slice of crime fiction with the topical theme of undercover cops gone bad. The paperback is out on 25 August 2016, but the ebook is available now.

A heart-stopping tale about the Glasgow underworld, which throws light on complex moral issues, And When I Die features a highly compelling female lead: Kat Scobie, a woman born into a brutal crime syndicate.

After a long, hard fight to forge her own way in the world, she thought she’d escaped. But as her relatives gather to mourn the death of their most feared son, Kat is drawn inexorably back into their hellish world. And she’s not the only Scobie who resents the family dynamic…

Because Ray Scobie isn’t dead. He’s near-fatally wounded, hell-bent on revenge, and he knows his own father ordered his murder.

Now the only person who can stop the carnage is Kat’s ex-lover John, a cop who’s so deep undercover he’s started to lose himself. With his cover crumbling around him, John’s about to discover that families can be murder.

Russel D McLean will be appearing with fellow Contrabander Douglas Skelton at the Bloody Scotland crime festival in Stirling on 10 September from 12.15pm. To book tickets, visit the Bloody Scotland website.