Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby

Laura Marney

The author of five novels and numerous short stories and plays, Laura Marney is a member of the Glasgow G7 group of writers. She is a Creative Writing Tutor on the MLitt course at Glasgow University.

Marney is the author of Only Strange People Go to Church, Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby, No Wonder I Take a Drink, My Best Friend Has Issues and For Faughie’s Sake.

Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby

by Laura Marney

  • RRP: £8.99 (print) / £4.99 (ebook)
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781908643018
  • Ebook ISBN: 9781908643056



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Everyone’s on antidepressants, suffering from Post Romantic Stress Disorder – especially Daphne, who’s just been severely chucked by lily-livered Donnie. Being unhappy is embarrassing, and therefore intolerable, so everyone’s secretly on the happy pills. After a lot of soup, a soupcon of unseemly relationships, a few deaths and an abundance of life-affirming triumphs, ‘pro-joy’ is mooted by Pierce as the way to go. But is it really?

REVIEWS OF Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby

'Marney shows rare insight into to the human condition and her unique style and wit have the reader laughing out loud one moment and incredibly sad the next. She manages to offset the gruesome reality with some sparkling banter.' - Jacqueline Wilson, Bristol Evening Post

'The obtuse and faintly ridiculous is transformed into a hilarious edgy satire by a Scottish writer who has such a gift for dark humour her books have a heady whiff of Christopher Brookmyre without the body count.' - Daily Record

'Laura Marney writes about strong characters who are utterly believable and all too human. She consistently examines their experiences, relationships and foibles with insight, compassion and a rollicking, earthy humour.' - Zoe Strachan, author of Negative Space

'Marney gives chick lit a shot of adrenalin with a novel featuring one of literature's most repulsive love objects. Hard-core romance for the bitter and twisted.' - The Independent (in 50 best summer reads)