Mistletoe Winter

Roy Dennis

Roy Dennis MBE is one of the UK’s most prominent field naturalists. His approach to wildlife and conservation stems from years of experience working in the field, from climbing trees to ring osprey chicks to handling lynx kittens in Norway – and wanting to smuggle them back to Scotland. He has unparalleled expertise as a field naturalist, having worked in conservation, rare species tracking and reintroductions and directed projects for the RSPB and other organisations. He has made documentaries and been a presenter on Autumnwatch and Springwatch. His Wildlife Foundation of 25 years’ standing is internationally recognised for its work in conservation and wildlife protection.

He is the author of Cottongrass Summer (2020) and Mistletoe Winter (2021).

Mistletoe Winter

by Roy Dennis

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  • ISBN: 9781913393250
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Now also available on Perlego. A new collection of vibrant essays to inform, stimulate and inspire every nature lover. Times of darkness offer opportunities to reflect. In Mistletoe Winter, Roy Dennis offers his reflections on the natural world from the past year – from the welcome signs of change to the ongoing problems we are posing for nature, and what humankind can and must do about them. As in his companion volume, Cottongrass Summer, Roy Dennis balances his alarm at the crisis confronting the natural world with his own sense of optimism that new generations can make crucial changes for the future. One of our most prominent advocates for our planet and its species, he writes with insight and originality. This volume will provide inspiration and ideas for everyone who cares about our planet and its species.

REVIEWS OF Mistletoe Winter

“A passionate writer with … persuasive arguments for always seeking to improve the way that we care for the natural world … It is not so much a timely book, but more of an urgent reminder to do something to change. Great stuff.” Paul Cheney

"Practical, plain-speaking, and marked by bold proposals … a passionate call to arms to appreciate and fight for the species we have left." Foreword Reviews

“Wonderful.” Mark Avery

“A fascinating read.” Bird Watching