Indie Bookshop Week – Author Playlists

Posted on June 26, 2020

We all miss spending time in bookshops, so for Indie Bookshop Week 2020 we thought we’d try and recreate that calm, cosy atmosphere in the form of Spotify playlists. Whether you like to listen to music while you write, read, work, or whether you can only have music on whilst relaxing we hope you feel the bookshop vibes shine through.

The first is a collaboration with Sam Read Bookseller featuring a mix of instrumental, acoustic and folk music.

Listen here.

Naturally, we wanted to get our authors involved, so below are a selection of Author Playlists. Some chose music that they like to listen to while writing, others chose music that inspires them or that they just love listening to.


First up is Helen Moat, author of A Time of Birds with some of her upbeat favourites. Listen to Helen’s playlist.

Jim Crumley, author of (most recently) The Nature of Summer with his writing soundtrack. Listen to Jim’s playlist.

David Howe, author of Rocks and Rain, Reason and Romance with a selection of favourites, including an opening symphony that he thinks reflects the Lake District. Listen to David’s playlist here. 

Dick Capel, author of The Stream Invites Us to Follow with his favourite river-related songs. Listen to Dick’s playlist here.

Karen Lloyd, author of The Gathering Tide and The Blackbird Diaries with an instrumental list. Listen to Karen’s playlist here.


Happy listening everyone!

& Happy Indie Bookshop Week