New paperback edition of The Nature of Autumn

Posted on August 20, 2018

Jim Crumley’s wonderful The Nature of Autumn, which was longlisted for the prestigious Wainwright Golden Beer Book Prize and shortlisted for the Richard Jefferies Society and White Horse Bookshop Literary Prize, will be released in paperback on August 23.

Sporting a stunning new cover, The Nature of Autumn sees Jim charting the colourful progression of the natural world from September to November, embarking on a series of wild walks and explorations of his beloved countryside.

The Nature of Autumn was originally published in 2016 and attracted some marvellous reviews. Stephen Moss in The Guardian, described it as “a delightful meditation”.

Miriam Darlington, writing in BBC Wildlife magazine, called it “breathtaking…this magical pilgrimage visits enchanting and hidden places…with characteristic moments of close observation, immersion and poetry Crumley witnesses the melancholic textures and haunting transformations of this most beautiful season. This nature book is a delight.”

Speaking about autumn, Jim says, “It is my preferred season of the year, my preferred portion of nature’s scheme of things, nature’s state of grace. Because autumn, in my mind, is a tapped kaleidoscope, a shifting sorcery of shapes and shades, a revitalising of the wild year after the too-long dirge of late summer, a maker of daring moods.”

The Nature of Autumn is the first of a four-season series of books by Jim Crumley. The Nature of Winter will also be released in paperback in September 2018. Next April will see publication of The Nature of Spring.