Graham Lironi

Graham Lironi is an impressively talented cult author who has been described as the ‘bad boy of Scottish fiction’ by The List magazine. His first two novels, The Bowels of Christ and Candyfloss Martyrs, won plaudits for their uncompromising style and provocative subject matters. A former journalist, Graham now runs a PR agency, Liquorice Media, in Glasgow.

Oh Marina Girl

by Graham Lironi

  • RRP: £8.99 (print) / £4.99 (ebook)
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781908643919
  • Ebook ISBN: 9781908643926



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The death sentence of a spaceman: the claustrophobic editor of a newspaper’s letters page receives a note from a kidnapper informing him that ‘intolerance will not be tolerated’ and that a hostage will be executed unless he arranges for a letter to be published on the front page of the next morning’s paper. So begins the narrator’s tale, within which we encounter strange characters – such as Chris The Crossword Compiler and Mark Twain (or at least, his namesake) – and hear of an enigmatic organisation of moral vigilantes called The Amino. But who is the kidnapper? What are his/her motives? And why would he/she wish to pass a death sentence on the narrator?

REVIEWS OF Oh Marina Girl

'“Oh Marina Girl is the most fun you can have with cult content without actually shaving your head and holing up in a compound in Idaho.' -” Douglas Skelton

'Oh Marina Girl has all the makings of a cult classic… It's a book you could become obsessed with… in fact, I haven't enjoyed reading a novel as much as this for some time. This is too good to be kept a secret.' - Alistair Braidwood, Scots Whay Hae Read more

"If you like your mysteries very mysterious and clever then you could do worse than to read Oh Marina Girl by Graham Lironi. It's a very nicely crafted story... twisty and exciting." - BookCunt Read more

'Keeps its readers guessing at every stage of the game… Oh Marina Girl leaves the creepy feeling after reading the final page that you've brought something nasty from between its covers back into the real world with you….' - Alastair Mabbott, Sunday Herald Read more

"A small read with a big punch...…you must read it. *****" - Crime Book Club Read more