Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide

Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide

The Essential Enthusiast's Handbook

Sarah Cunliffe
  • RRP: £14.95 (print)
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781908643094


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Confused about the difference between Baroque and Rococo? Curious about the latest architectural trends, or maybe the ancient traditions of Japan? Wondering if the White House has Doric or Corinthian columns? ‘Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide’ takes you on a whirlwind tour of our rich and varied architectural heritage. However much, or little, you know about architecture, you’ll find this concise, worldwide guide to our remarkably diverse built landscape invaluable. Not only does it provide a richly illustrated, easy-to-use reference to the major trends that have prevailed in architecture since Classical antiquity, it also outlines the key features that will enable you to identify the style of almost any building that catches your attention, giving you a whole new outlook on your surroundings.

REVIEWS OF Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide

'“An educational and easy-to-use guide for anyone keen to learn about architectural styles and building design.” ' -– RIBA on the first edition.