Strengthen your language skills with Prismatext

Posted on January 5, 2023

With the new year comes new resolutions and if you’ve chosen to start or continue learning a new language in 2023, then this one is for you.

We’ve been working with Prismatext to bring language learning to the experience of reading Catherine Czerkawska‘s fantastic historical novels and one of Douglas Skelton‘s edge-of-the-seat thrillers.


Prismatext blends the most useful foreign language words and phrases into your favourite books to help strengthen your language skills. When you purchase an ebook through Prismatext, you select the language you’d like to see words and phrases appear in among the English text when reading.

Currently, the following Saraband titles are available to purchase on Prismatext:

We’d love to hear from you if you try out this new way of language learning. Tweet us @sarabandbooks to let us know how you’re getting on.