Join the #CaseStudyCache and find literary treasure this Easter Weekend

Posted on April 14, 2022

If you’re a fan of Graeme Macrae Burnet, you’ll know that the people and places in his novels are often real, even though the stories are fictional.

Case Study is no different. So, to celebrate the release of the paperback, we’ve picked some locations from the book and strategically placed bright blue packages there for you to find. They contain special copies of the Case Study paperback (plus bonus items!)

Look for the unmistakable blue parcels, sealed with a matching ribbon. They are easy to spot if you know where they’re hidden. To get your hands on one, follow the steps below in our literary treasure hunt.

Finding the treasure

Step 1: Solve the crossword below, with clues set by the author, to reveal the location of each of the books. You never know, one might be right on your doorstep. Case Study’s narrator enjoys crosswords. Graeme has devised our clues.






The clues

7 across, 5 down, 8 down

Itch liberally, Mr? Scratch it! Where Case Study was mostly written (3,8,7)

16 across, 8 down

Sweetheart not back in place where young Arthur Braithwaite might have borrowed books

2 down, 8 down

Library where the real, unaffected Rebecca originated initially (5,7) 

15 down, 11 down, 8 down, 4 across

Where friend, top-notch but naïve, goes to borrow books in Collins Braithwaite’s county of birth (6,5,7,6)

10 down, 9 across, 12 down

Bookshop where pill found around edge of stormy shore (might have been Braithwaite’s local!) (8,4,8)

3 across, 12 down

The best place to buy Case Study in the birthplace of Zelda Ogilvie! (9,8)

7 across, 19 across, 1 down

The Member of the Lords heard in Essex resort (3,4, 7-2-3)

6 across, 18 across, 12 across

Drawing cured pork? Might be found at the station eaterie here (10,8,6)

13 down, 17 across, 14 across

Gins spilt in drunk Mark’s pub in Braithwaite’s alma mater (5,4,6)


Treasure Map

Stuck? This map might help to get you started…



Step 2: Once you’ve solved it, go to your nearest #CaseStudyCache location and, if you’re the first one there, claim your free copy of the Case Study paperback!

Step 3: Show off the turquoise treasure by sharing on social media and tagging us, @GMacraeBurnet and the venue.

Happy hunting!