Saraband pledge to donate books to people in need

Posted on March 17, 2021

For every book you buy from, Saraband will donate one to someone in need via homeless shelters, food banks and prisons. The promotion will run until bookshops re-open in England.

Saraband has partnered with a variety of charities and organisations to distribute the donated books to people who need them, including Give a Book UK, Coffee4Craig, Book Aid and Better World Books. If you or your organisation is in need of books and would like to get involved in the project the please email [email protected].

One of Saraband’s chosen charities is Give a Book UK. Together, they will be distributing books to six prisons across the country. The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the most vulnerable members of society particularly badly, perhaps none more than those in the UK’s prisons. With prisons visitations postponed indefinitely, most libraries closed, and no access to the internet, prisoners are now facing significant hardship with extremely limited contact with their networks of support. Now more than ever, we hope that literature can provide a form of emotional support for those in difficulty.

How can you support the project? Buy more books!