Saraband nets prepper thriller by Ewan Morrison

Posted on November 24, 2020

Multi-award-winning author’s new novel How To Survive Everything confronts ‘the huge political and social issues of our time’.

Saraband are to publish Ewan Morrison’s new pandemic thriller/satire, How To Survive Everything. The novel tells the story of a teenage girl and her brother, taken in secret by their father to a lockdown hideaway in the face of a coming pandemic, which he has good reason to believe is set to be the deadliest yet. Isolated, separated from her mother, friends and the outside world, Haley has to navigate the collapse of everything she knows.

The multi-award-winning author of Nina X, Close Your Eyes, Swung and Tales from the Mall tackles fake news, preppers, family dysfunction, mental health and global political conspiracy in ‘a biting satire wrapped in an electrifying thriller confronting the huge political and social issues of our time’.

Saraband’s publisher Sara Hunt bought World rights from Nicola Barr at The Bent Agency for an undisclosed sum and will publish the book in June 2021.

Sara Hunt said: ‘This is a biting satire wrapped in an electrifying thriller confronting the huge global issues of our time – from disease, fake news, consumerism and denial of science all the way to family dysfunction and mental health in crisis. Ewan is one of the most inventive, provocative and acclaimed writers of his generation, and once again he’s created a powerful and unforgettable voice in a young protagonist. And in spite of tackling such weighty issues, it’s a highly accessible, fast-paced read that is often blackly funny, too.’

Ewan Morrison said: ‘I’m extremely happy to be working with Saraband on this thriller that is a leap into new territory for me. I’m a fan of the edgy, innovative fiction Saraband have been publishing for years. As I was writing How to Survive Everything I was concerned about our polarised political world and the problem of fake news. How can we know truth from lies? Who should we trust when we make life or death choices? And something much closer to home – what if we modern parents can no longer protect our families?’

“There are few writers left in Britain who have his ambition,

vision and empathy.” Irvine Welsh