Chris Dolan to launch Everything Passes, Everything Remains at La Pasionaria via Facebook LIVE

Posted on November 2, 2020

Join Chris Dolan for the virtual launch of his new book, Everything Passes, Everything Remains – in partnership with Movember to raise awareness of male mental health and suicide. He’ll be cycling to La Pasionaria in Glasgow (the statue featured on the cover of the book), where he’ll share a reading and discuss how mental health, friendship, cycling and a lifelong obsession with Spain come together in his memoir. Freewheelin’ Through Spain, Song and Memory.

The event will be aired via Facebook LIVE on the Saraband Books page. No booking required.

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Saturday 7 November

12:00 pm

Facebook Live

‘Cycling along, the interior landscape changing faster than the topography. Memory and dreams whipping themselves into daymares. A much-loved country became almost subconsciously foreign, unfamiliar, the spring sun hot and dangerous, close friends distant.

The weight of all that’s remembered.’



Pre-order the book (out 5 Nov) here

Everything Passes, Everything Remains takes us freewheelin’ through Spain, song and memory as Chris Dolan explores the highs and lows of growing up and growing older. We follow Dolan and his Black Dog, or Dodo as he calls it, through a lifetime of Spanish adventures that question how we think about identity, as individuals, yes, but also as citizens and nations. He examines memory and how it tricks us; how it chops up all the pieces of our lives and rearranges them to create a different picture – sometimes better, sometimes worse, rarely accurate.

It is ‘thoughtful, hopeful and beautifully written.’ Colin Blane