The Walrus Mutterer: a new era in historical fiction

Posted on March 15, 2018

Mandy Haggith’s new novel, The Walrus Mutterer, published by Saraband on 21 March 2018, opens up a world seldom explored in historical fiction: the Iron Age.

Set in 320 BC, around Britain, the Arctic and the Baltic, this novel – first in the Stone Stories trilogy – takes as its trigger the journey of a real explorer and scientist, Pytheas of Massalia, who made an epic voyage of discovery from his Greek homelands: he was the first Mediterranean person to circumnavigate and map the island of Alba (Britain).

From this starting point, Mandy Haggith weaves an epic tale that draws us in to the little-known Celtic world, where the women of the matriarchal tribes were more powerful than many of us would imagine today.

Mandy will be launching The Walrus Mutterer at the Community Room in Lochinver Village Hall on 26th March, 8pm, in a night of stories and histories that will also feature readings by Margaret Elphinstone and Ian Stephen.