Moscow at Midnight: a classic espionage page-turner

Posted on September 18, 2017

Moscow at Midnight, out now, is the exciting debut novel by respected American journalist Sally McGrane, who has been hailed as “a worthy successor to John le Carré”.

In this gripping thriller, Sally, who has lived and worked in Berlin for 10 years, explores subjects that never fail to fascinate, especially in today’s political climate: Russia, corruption, spies and lies.

Max Rushmore is re-hired by the CIA to return to Moscow and investigate the death of a beautiful nuclear waste disposal expert. But Max, who can drink even the Russians under the table, soon uncovers all sorts of inconsistencies: could it even be that she is not dead at all?

So begins a game of cat-and-mouse that takes Max across Russia, from St Petersburg to Novosibirsk, as he follows his only clue: a rare Siberian diamond.

Moscow at Midnight is both humorous and utterly enthralling – and has all the breathless tension of classic espionage novels of the old school.