In 2020, Britain is at breaking point…

Posted on May 22, 2017

2020, the extraordinary new literary thriller by Kenneth Steven published on 25 May 2017, is nothing less than a state-of-the-nation novel, exploring the zeitgeist with a highly credible portrayal of a dystopian near-future in Britain.

Pulling off the remarkable feat of giving voice to the full gamut of voices across the political and social spectrum, Kenneth Steven’s novel taps into the current hot topics of immigration, intolerance and the future of Brexit Britain.

2020 is set in a Britain of that year, and the story centres around a major event that leads to society being riven between the forces of intolerance and the liberal ‘mainstream’.

Reflective and incisive, 2020 is an expression of the mood of a nation divided.


Kenneth Steven will be launching 2020 at Waterstones Oban, on Saturday 3 June at 2pm. It is a free event but please RSVP to