All the Devils are here

Posted on September 20, 2016

Tartan noir star Neil Broadfoot returns with his most accomplished work to date – the third in his electrifying series starring crime journalist Doug McGregor and DS Susie Drummond.

In All the Devils, out on 22 September 2016, Doug and Susie’s already fraught relationship is tested to the limit by a case involving a seedy blackmailer, ruthless gangsters and savage murder.

This tense, violent and morally murky thriller tackles topical issues with authoritative writing, complex characters and exceptionally strong plotting… and has a pulse-quickening finale guaranteed to leave readers stunned.

The action picks up a few months after the events of The Storm, with Doug struggling to recover from his savage encounter with a psychotic killer. Emotionally and physically damaged, Doug also has potentially lethal secrets to hide. But when a costly mistake from Susie’s past is revisited, Doug must put aside his own demons to help her.

Susie’s ex-lover, a senior officer and married at the time, is brutally murdered, threatening to reawaken all the scandal and gossip. With the rumour-mongers closing in and her career on the line, Susie has two choices: be the victim, or get angry. Take control. Be professional. And take the bastard who did this down.

But she and Doug are about to confront a conspiracy that reaches deeper than even they can imagine. All the Devils are here – and none of them want Doug or Susie to uncover the truth.


Neil will be launching All the Devils at Waterstones Princes St, Edinburgh, on 22 September at 6.30pm.