A new history of the Highlands

Posted on April 30, 2016


Castles in the Mist, the new book by Robin Noble out now, reveals how, for better and for worse, the Victorians transformed the Scottish Highlands into the environment we know today.

A compelling style of history – combining architectural, cultural, environmental and social history with memoir and nature writing – Castles in the Mist explores the colossal impact of the Victorian legacy in the Highlands.

With a foreword by Sir John Lister-Kaye, the book expertly assesses the state of the Highlands today – the manmade grouse moors, deer forests and salmon rivers that make up this apparently wild environment.

And Robin Noble uses his lifetime of living and working in his beloved Highlands to consider the future:

  • Is rewilding the answer?
  • Should deer be culled?
  • Are moor-burns a good idea?
  • How do we protect and promote biodiversity?

Castles in the Mist beautifully illustrates how the Victorians shaped the Highlands, and Robin Noble issues a clarion call for change… to start tipping the balance back in nature’s favour.

Robin will be appearing at Aigas Field Centre, by Beauly, at 7.30pm on 18th May, when he will be giving a talk and celebrating the launch of his book (Magnus House). For details and booking: contact Sheila Kerr, 01463 782443 or  [email protected] .