Launch of His Bloody Project

Posted on October 26, 2015

In 1869, the case of Roderick Macrae gripped the British public: newspapers slavishly followed his trial, and ‘penny dreadfuls’ gleefully described the gory details of the brutal slaying of three people in a remote crofting community.

In His Bloody Project, launched on Thursday 5 November at Glasgow’s Argyle Street Waterstones, author Graeme Macrae Burnet ingeniously recounts the story of the murders and the subsequent trial.

Roderick’s memoir, along with court transcripts, medical reports, police statements and newspaper articles, show that the accused readily admitted his guilt… leaving only the persuasive powers of his advocate standing between him and the gallows.

So why didn’t he defend himself more vigorously, or try to cover up the crime? Was he stupid? Insane?

Or did he have another motive?

Brought together, the documents relating to the case of Roderick Macrae reveal much about a merciless triple-murder that shocked the nation. But do they reveal just why a young man would commit the most atrocious acts of violence? And will he hang?

Join Graeme for the launch of His Bloody Project

Waterstones, 174-176 Argyle Street, Glasgow

Thursday 5 November, 7pm