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The Scribbler

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  • Publication date: May 12, 2020


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Newly qualified DC Carrie and her much more experienced colleague DI Gayther are an unlikely pairing tasked with investigating a series of cold cases – specifically, unsolved murders of LGBTQ+ victims.

Back in the Eighties, these had not been considered a priority for police resources. But times have changed. As well as the contemporary outrage that such appalling crimes have been allowed to remain unsolved, there’s also now the whole matter of how policing is done. No longer are hunches and intuition suitable avenues of enquiry.

DC Carrie is well versed in technology-driven, algorithm-based methods. Still, she’s the first to admit that her partner’s thought processes are not easily replaced by anything a computer can do. When one of them gets in deep with a killer who is clearly not of sound mind, will help arrive soon enough to solve the case and prevent more deaths?


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The Scribbler

About the author

Iain Maitland

Iain Maitland is a long-standing journalist and is the author of the thrillers Mr Todd’s Reckoning (2019) and Sweet William (2017) and of two non-fiction books on mental health: Dear Michael, Love Dad (2016) and Out of the Madhouse (2018), as well as co-writer of TV script adaptations of two of these books. An ambassador for Stem4, the teen mental health charity, he also speaks on mental health issues in the workplace and on teenage mental health in schools.

For Mr Todds Reckoning;

“Maitland conjures madness from the inside, looking out … a brave book.” Jeff Noon, Spectator

“A dark chilling read, but I have to say a lot of fun too. There is a clever poetic ending that restores balance to the world but it’s a long journey down a dark tunnel before the light. Mr Todd’s Reckoning is gripping and gritty, exciting and scary.” NB literary magazine

“A deliciously dark and disturbing read … incredibly dry wit … dark to the nth degree …wonderfully surprising, with a couple of real gasp-out-loud incidents.” Raven Crime Reads

“Iain Maitland is a genius.” It’s All About the Books blog

“Pure creepy gold … A superb storyline, brilliant characters and subplots that tweaked my adrenaline … This is a stunner!” Books from Dusk till Dawn