• Shelley Day

    Shelley Day

    Shelley has been a litigation lawyer, a psychology lecturer and a research professor. These days she

  • Roy Dennis

    Roy Dennis

    Roy Dennis has unparalled expertise as a field naturalist. His approach to wildlife and conservation stems from years of...

  • Ruary Mackenzie Dodds

    Ruary Mackenzie Dodds

    Ruary Mackenzie Dodds is one of the country's leading experts on dragonflies. He is in great demand to share his experti...

  • Ever Dundas

    Ever Dundas

    Ever Dundas gained a Creative Writing Masters with Distinction from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011, and she has a F...

  • Marion Dunn

    Marion Dunn

    Marion Dunn is a laboratory technician in a Northern university. She has always had a penchant for active outdoor challe...

  • Sophie Franklin

    Sophie Franklin

    Sophie Franklin is forging a successful academic career studying the lives of the Brontë sisters and their literary wor...

  • Clare Gibson

    Clare Gibson

    Clare Gibson is a writer and historian specialising in art history and how to interpret symbols, especially in art, anti...

  • Bob Gilbert

    Bob Gilbert

    Bob Gilbert is the author of The Green London Way (Lawrence & Wishart, 2012) and has written a column for <...

  • Saskia Goldschmidt

    Saskia Goldschmidt

    Dutch writer Saskia Goldschmidt worked as both a youth theatre producer and drama teacher before she wrote Compulsory Ha...

  • Mary Gunn

    Mary Gunn

    Mary Gunn is a doctor, mother and wife who has lived with cancer for 20 years. She has worked in Paediatric Oncology (ch...

  • Mandy Haggith

    Mandy Haggith

    Mandy Haggith lives in Assynt in the northwest Highlands of Scotland, where she combines writing with sailing, environme...

  • Adelle Hay

    Adelle Hay

    Adelle Hay is a lifelong Brontë aficionada and a passionate advocate for Anne Brontë’s place in the canon of classic...