• Clare Gibson

    Clare Gibson

    Clare Gibson is a writer and historian specialising in art history and how to interpret symbols, especially in art, anti...

  • Saskia Goldschmidt

    Saskia Goldschmidt

    Dutch writer Saskia Goldschmidt worked as both a youth theatre producer and drama teacher before she wrote Compulsory Ha...

  • Mandy Haggith

    Mandy Haggith

    Mandy Haggith is an environmental campaigner and former academic whose writing career has embraced poetry, fiction and n...

  • Victoria Hendry

    Victoria Hendry

    Victoria Hendry’s absorbing first novel, A Capital Union

  • Kari Herbert

    Kari Herbert

    Kari Herbert is the author of the bestselling, multi-translated memoir The Explorer's Daughter, an account of her early ...

  • Beda Higgins

    Beda Higgins

    Beda Higgins is an award-winning author and poet whose short stories have garnered fantastic reviews. Her first collecti...

  • Graham Lironi

    Graham Lironi

    Graham Lironi is an impressively talented cult author who has been described as the 'bad boy of Scottish fiction' by

  • Karen Lloyd

    Karen Lloyd

    Karen Lloyd is a writer of creative non-fiction and poetry based in Kendal, Cumbria. She is a contributor to the Guardia...

  • Claire MacLeary

    Claire MacLeary

    Claire MacLeary lived for many years in Aberdeen and St Andrews, but describes herself as “a feisty Glaswegian with a...

  • Michael J. Malone

    Michael J. Malone

    Michael J. Malone is the author of four crime novels: Blood Tears, which won the Pitlochry Prize from the Scott...

  • Laura Marney

    Laura Marney

    The author of five novels and numerous short stories and plays, Laura Marney is a member of the Glasgow G7 group of writ...

  • Fi Martynoga

    Fi Martynoga

    Fi Martynoga is an environmental activist, journalist, museum researcher, and a renowned figure in Scottish nature, hist...